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  • Oxidized graphite is a compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which is of an uncertain quality......

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MuLing  city hongxu graphite co., LTD., located in the city HeXi Township binary village, enterprise covers an area of 1.55 square kilometers, with a construction area of 15000 square meters, the company invested hundreds of millions of yuan to the overall reconstruction, Make the original company from high cost,low efficiency to the biggest daily output single product line in the three provinces in northeast China, the annual full capacity reached 100000 tons, the carbon content of the product is 80% to 95%. At the same time, the construction of large tailings for enterprises for 50-100 years has completed the main project and supporting facilities, and has been put into operation. In addition, the company plans to develop and study graphite downstream products in the future. Currently, three downstream products of anode materials, graphene and expanded graphite are being put into development.

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